Buyback Guarantee

buyback guarantee

As an award winning piano store in Queensland, owned and operated by qualified piano teachers and tuners, we are proud to offer both the best quality selection of trusted brands, but also be Queensland’s ONLY Piano Store to offer a 2/3 BUYBACK GUARANTEE within 5 YEARS.

This applies to all second-hand Japanese pianos, new Schimmel German pianos, and new Kawai pianos (uprights under $10,000 and grands under $15,000)

Conditions of buyback:

Buyback excludes service package and return transport. It applies to the piano value.

The piano has not been mistreated, and has been tuned in accordance with the warranty (once per year).

We also do buybacks on pianos purchased over 5 years ago, on a case by case basis, and with a negotiated price.

We focus on quality pianos from long-term, reputable makers (not generic Chinese pianos with European sounding names); it is important to us that your piano will retain long-term value. BUY with PEACE OF MIND at Morris Brothers.

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