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What's the difference between a digital keyboard &
a piano?

Digital Keyboard Models include CTK3500, CT-X700, CT-X5000 and many more.

We sell a wide range of Casio digital keyboards

Good for students, enthusiasts, and even professional artists

While digital keyboards & pianos look similar, with the same black and white keys, octaves, and other features, they are two completely different musical instruments.

A digital keyboard is a synthesizer that can play a multitude of sounds. These could include drum beats, violin sounds, and any other instrument you can imagine.

In addition, you can even use special effects such as adding reverb, echo, and other effects. This is the instrument that you’ll see music artists use to create lo-fi beats, rap music, and every other genre.

Pianos, on the other hand, are made to play solely piano sounds.

If you’re looking to create digital music to record, or a cheaper alternative with the option to dabble in other music aspects — a keyboard is the choice for you.

Otherwise, check out our range of pianos if you’re looking for something more traditional.

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Casio is the leading brand in keyboards.

They are a Japanese multinational consumer electronics company and a world leader in digital technology. They spend unimaginable amounts of money and effort on research and development.

Some of their popular digital keyboards include the Casio CTK-3500 with a fully-featured 61 key keyboard or the CT-X5000 with top-end quality.

Here are some more Casio keyboards we sell:


Casio Digital Keyboards

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At Morris Brothers, we’re not salesmen. We’re music teachers, tuners, repairers, and musicians.

We’re genuine people that love music and are deeply rooted in the community. Our team play instruments from the piano, keyboard, guitar, bass, flute, saxophone, clarinet, trumpet, ukelele, and harmonica! 

Choosing the right instrument is an extremely difficult task. Especially since whatever decision you make is one that you’ll live with for years to come (and hopefully enjoy).

But when it comes to digital keyboards, it is especially difficult.

The technological landscape moves quickly. With new models being introduced yearly, it’s hard to stay on top of the best bang for the buck. We match your needs with the best-suited keyboard for your needs.

At Morris Brothers, you get advice not only from genuinely experienced people but also from people that genuinely love to play music.

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