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Digital Pianos Model include: Casio CTK-3500, Casio PX-560, Kawai CA58, Kawai CA98, and more.

We sell Casio and Kawai digital pianos

Brand new digital pianos and pristine condition second-hand options available

Are you thinking about purchasing a digital piano? This is a tough decision to make, with lots of traditionalists begging you to stay away from digital pianos, arguing that acoustic is the only real option.

Truth is, digital piano technology has advanced incredibly. Without a doubt, digital pianos is the best choice for many musicians.

Here are some common reasons why you should choose a digital piano over an acoustic piano:

✓ Better value. At a fraction of the cost, you can get a digital piano with beautiful sounding digital samples (these samples are what determine how they sound).

✓ Zero-maintenance costs. Just plug in your digital piano and you’re ready to go! No need for yearly maintenance and costly repairs.

✓ Portable. When you’re moving from apartment to apartment, state to state, bringing an acoustic piano with you is an impossible task. For people on the go, a digital piano is the perfect choice.

✓ Digital bonuses. On top of playing your digital piano as you would on an acoustic, you have the added features of using headphones, synthesizer features, MIDI, and many more.

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Check out the range of Casio’s digital pianos we offer:

Kawai Digital Pianos

Check out the range of Kawai digital pianos we offer:

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At Morris Brothers, we’re not salesmen. We’re music teachers, tuners, repairers, and musicians.

We’re genuine people that love music and are deeply rooted in the community. Our team play instruments from the piano, keyboard, guitar, bass, flute, saxophone, clarinet, trumpet, ukelele, and harmonica! 

Choosing between a digital piano and an acoustic one is a tough choice. We make it easier for you by running through your unique needs and how each option can meet them. Then, we’ll find an option that is the perfect balance between your budget and requirements.

At Morris Brothers, you get advice not only from genuinely experienced people but also from people that genuinely love to play music.

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