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Piano Stools & Accessories – Models include Casio CTK2200, CT-X700, CT-X5000 and many more.

We sell a wide range of Casio keyboards, Piano Stools & Accessories

Good for students, enthusiasts, and even professional artists

Whether you play on a keyboard, digital piano, upright piano, or grand piano Having the proper seating is absolutely vital in maintaining proper playing technique. With the wrong seat, your alignment will be completely off. This could mean tired shoulders, worn-out wrists, and poor finger technique as a result. Check out our Piano Stools & Accessories.

The right piano seating can:

✓ Increase your stamina and allow you to play for longer periods of time

✓ Lead to faster learning as you’re not being held back by poor habits

✓ Make practice more enjoyable as you’re comfortable

✓ Reduce stress and tension in back, shoulders, arms, and more

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Piano Stools & Accessories

Keyboard-Style Stools

Specially designed stools made for keyboards. These are portable and adjustable to three heights. Perfect for the travelling performer attending gigs.

Piano Fixed-Height Duet Stools

Playing a duet? Prefer a roomier stool? These fixed height duet stools are an affordable option if you fit the recommended heights.

Adjustable Piano Stools

If you play alone and don’t need a duet stool, this is the perfect option for an affordable, yet highly customisable piano stool. Wind these to your desired height and you’ll be able to sit in comfort for hours of practice.

Double Adjustable Piano Stools

Playing with students? Have another family member you want to play a duet with? We have duet piano stools that can comfortably fit two musicians at once. These can be adjusted to your desired height for hours of comfortable playing.

Second-Hand Piano Stools

Save money and buy a pre-loved piano stool. We have a variety of stock come in and you’ll never know what you’ll find. The perfect stool might already be here waiting for you! Contact us to see what’s in stock.

Other Accessories

We also sell polish cloths, covers, and other accessories.

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We’re genuine people that love music and are deeply rooted in the community. Our team play instruments from the piano, keyboard, guitar, bass, flute, saxophone, clarinet, trumpet, ukelele, and harmonica! 

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