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Overlooked your piano’s regular maintenance, piano repairs – tuning – rentals?

Don’t worry, we understand. We’re musicians too, remember? Life gets in the way and it’s all too easy to forget to book your next piano tuning service.

If you’ve found yourself facing some piano problems, our team at Morris Brothers Pianos has the expertise to pinpoint the exact causes of any problems you’re facing with your piano.

Some common issues include:

  • Sticky piano keys not working, even if you push them hard
  • Chipped keys that need replacing
  • Yellow and stained piano keys
  • Strange sounds such as rattles due to loose items, foreign objects, or broken parts
  • Out of tune due to irregular maintenance

Do any of these sound familiar to you? Click the button below to book your Brisbane piano repair today.

All acoustic pianos need to be tuned.

If you have recently purchased a new piano, this may require 2 or 3 tunings per year for the first couple of years, as the strings stretch and it adapts to the environment

Otherwise, yearly tuning is recommended.

Some other factors such as the changes in temperature and humidity may also affect how often you need to have your piano tuned.

At Morris Brothers Music, we offer piano tuning service across Brisbane for a low-cost fee of $200. We also offer written piano valuations for $99.

Brisbane piano tuning

Want to book your piano tuning service?

Brisbane Piano rentals


Not ready to commit to purchasing a piano yet?

We understand that instruments are heavy investments. Especially if you’re not sure it’s something you’ll pursue in the long run.

That’s why we offer a wide variety of keyboards and digital pianos for you. Play around with your instrument, learn the ropes, and see if you want to further invest in your music hobby.

Our prices are:

$40 per month for keyboards

$55 per month for portable digital pianos

$75 per month for regular digital pianos

Note: Our initial rental period is for 3-months. After this, you can pay month-to-month with zero lock-in contracts.

Morris Brothers Pianos

Need a teacher?

When learning an instrument, finding the right teacher is the most important task.

Breaking poorly formed habits is an extremely difficult task. Learn things right the first time, with a teacher that we recommend. Accessing our network of professional pianists will help you find the right teacher.

You’ll enjoy faster progress, fewer headaches, and a more enjoyable experience.

Click the button below to get in touch with us and we’ll help connect you to the best teacher for your unique needs.

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Need help finding the right piano or want to check out some of our pianos for yourself?

Feel free to come and visit us in our Brisbane store. See for yourself why we have been Brisbane’s favourite, family-owned music store since 2001.

We only source the highest quality pianos. From pre-loved Yamahas, to brand new Schimmels.

We have an expert tuner and technician who was even trained by Steinway & Sons in Hamburg, Germany. This will give your piano a true performance edge over the standard pre-service of most other stores.

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