Grand Pianos

grand piano

Kawai, Schimmel, Pre-Loved and used Yamaha & other leading brands offered – Grand Piano

Superior sound & build quality

Brand new grand pianos and pristine condition second-hand options available

Want the best sound quality for your piano? If you’re an advanced pianist, the sound from an upright piano just might not cut it anymore. Now, it’s time for you to invest in the larger grand piano.

Grand pianos have longer strings, warmer tones, and other features unique to the manufacturer.

Want to put some personality and splashes of colour in your music? Then a grand piano is a must. Utilise greater pedal options and add your own unique flavour to your performances.

Whether you’re looking to purchase a grand piano for home or you’re looking for a grand piano to put in a concert hall — we have the perfect piano to fit your needs and budget.

Need help choosing a grand piano? get in touch with our team today!

grand pianos

Enhanced tone due to larger construction, longer strings, and bigger soundboards

Faster action allows for faster songs due to different mechanisms

Stunning visuals that’ll impress any guests you may have

Better build quality. Since grand pianos are more expensive in general, manufacturers put extra effort into the build quality


Kawai GS40 Grand Piano - 2
Kawai US7X

Upright pianos

Smaller construction allows for better portability

More affordable and a good balance between quality and price

Cheaper maintenance and repairs compared to grand pianos

Easier to move across homes and to other locations

Grand Pianos For Sale

Kawai GL20

Kawai Grand Pianos

This includes:

  • Kawai GL10
  • Kawai GL20
  • Kawai GL30
  • Kawai GX2
  • Kawai GL40
  • Kawai GX-3

Schimmel Grand Pianos

This includes:

  • Schimmel W180
  • Schimmel K175
  • Schimmel K195
  • Schimmel C189
Schimmel W118_Gallery2023

Looking for a different grand piano? Contact our team to find out what else we have in stock or let us know what piano you’re after.

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At Morris Brothers, we’re not salesmen. We’re music teachers, tuners, repairers, and musicians.

We’re genuine people that love music and are deeply rooted in the community. Our team play instruments from the piano, keyboard, guitar, bass, flute, saxophone, clarinet, trumpet, ukelele, and harmonica! 

So you get advice not only from genuinely experienced people but also from people that genuinely love to play music.

If you wish to see more of the grand pianos we offer, feel free to visit us here at Morris Brothers Pianos. We have a wide range of grand pianos on display along with upright pianos, digital pianos, and more. We will be glad to help you choose the most suitable piano for your needs.

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