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Kawai Pianos at their finest.

Kawai Pianos Model include: ND21, K300J, K500, GL10, GX2, and more

Japan-made Kawai Pianos

Brand new pianos and pristine condition second-hand options available

Kawai Pianos – A dedication to true innovation, coupled with Japan’s focus on quality.

Want a piano that uses unique technology that allows it to be more responsive, consistent, durable, and overall — better sounding?

Introducing: Millennium III – A unique action that uses carbon fibre infused ABS

Since 2004, Kawai has pushed this new development into their range of high-quality pianos. This has enabled Kawai to:

✓ Produce a more responsive action and more consistent play compared to the use of wood.

✓ Increase durability with less susceptibility to humidity changes.

✓ Improve responsiveness by 16% when compared to standard actions

Whether you’re interested in an upright piano or a more classical feeling of a grand piano, Kawai’s wide range of selections will not disappoint.

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The Kawai Musical Instruments Company was founded in 1927 by Koichi Kawai, an inventor who, at a young age, was taken as an apprentice by Torakusu Yamaha (Founder of Japanese Piano Maker, Yamaha) and later became the first person in Japan to design and build a complete piano action.

Through Koichi Kawai’s hard work, the company grew and became an established and well-renowned piano manufacturer in Japan known for its quality and innovation. Kawai would eventually grow and expand to America (1963), followed by Kawai Europe, Kawai Canada, Kawai Australia, and Kawai Asia.

About Kawai Pianos

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Popular KAWAI Pianos

See the range from affordable uprights, up to the 6′ professional Kawai grand piano at Morris Brothers, and discuss your needs with our piano teachers and tuners.


This is a brand new, fully Japanese piano with Millennium III concert action (as per Kawai in Australian Music Examination Board exam rooms).



Kawai K300J
Kawai US7X


Stunning teacher-size model in all black and chrome finish.

This piano comes with a 12 years warranty and professional adjustable stool.



This 150cm Japanese upright grand was unboxed and prepared by the Steinway & Sons (trained in Hamburg, Germany) accredited tuner to Kawai’s highest standards for the Australian Piano Pedagogy Conference.

With full new Kawai 12 year warranty, it provides the opportunity to own an exceptional new piano at a great price.

Kawai K300J
Kawai GL10


For the first time ever, Japan’s fastest, most responsive action (fully Japanese-made Millennium III) is available in Kawai’s baby grand.

With a solid spruce soundboard and soft-closing lid, it is a serious piano that plays and sounds as good as it looks!

This price includes having your piano prepared by our Steinway & Sons (trained in Hamburg, Germany) accredited grand piano specialist tuner and technician.


This 6′ (180cm) full Japanese professional grand is one of the best selling models in the world.

You just have to play it to understand why so many Kawais grace concert halls around the world (and why so many competition winners choose Kawai over other brands).

Kawai GS40 Grand


With an astonishingly big sound and famous Kawai action, plus features for professionals and students alike, ES110 is the perfect combination of portability and power.

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World-class Kawai pianos

Every new Kawai upright and grand piano is prepared by our expert tuner and technician, who was trained by Steinway & Sons in Hamburg, Germany, and is Kawai-approved.

This will give your piano a true performance edge over the standard pre-service of most other stores.

Don’t just own the best Japanese piano brand — own a piano prepared to a true world-class standard!

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