Petrof Pianos

Petrof. World's largest-selling European-made pianos.

Models include: Petrof P173, P210, P237, P284

European made since 1864

Limited range of ex-showroom pianos available

Morris Brothers Music Store are proud to be appointed to make these ex-showroom pianos (some with slight cosmetic blemishes) available to the public. Morris Brothers are not an authorised new Petrof retailer and are reselling these basically unplayed pianos under arrangement. All covered by a 5-year Morris Brothers Piano Warranty, and are made available at prices that will never be seen again for virtually new pianos of their quality. Unlike brands such as Beale, Brodmann, Wertheim, Kayserburg and Ritmuller which are all made in China, these Petrof pianos are Fully European. 

Petrof, established in 1864 by Antonin Petrof, is the largest-selling European-made piano in the world. From humble beginnings to the current 6th Generation family ownership, the Petrof brand is revered world-wide and first entered Australia in 1924. In 2007, Petrof was awarded the prestigious “Certificate of European Excellence”, and continues to build exceptional pianos to this day. 

Morris Brothers, as a piano store dealing in and recommending European + Japanese piano makers such as Kawai (Premier Japanese Maker), and Schimmel (Germany’s Highest Selling Brand), are proud to offer a limited selection and exclusive pricing on some of Petrof’s finest Grand Pianos.

About Petrof

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Popular Petrof Pianos

Check out the range of Petrof’s pianos we offer:

P173 'Breeze' Standard

The Petrof P173 is the perfect size for the homeowner, desiring a level of performance and prestige only found in the worlds very best pianos. 
at 173cm (5’8″), you will be inspired by how such a size of piano can generate such tonal beauty. With a tapered, solid resonance spruce soundboard, Makassar ebony rim, duplex scaling, soft-close fallboard and that classic European tone, you will discover why Petrof is Europe’s No. 1 selling piano.

Petrof P173

P173 'Breeze' Style

The Petrof company is famous for featuring the most beautiful cabinet styles and timber finishes. If a uniquely styled grand piano in a stunning high gloss European mahogany or walnut would compliment your decor, this is your opportunity to combine performance and elegance in a fully European-made dream piano. 

P210 Master Series 'Pasat' 210 cm (6'9")

This masterly grand piano is Petrof’s best selling model, and the same size as Steinway’s most popular Model ‘B’. This makes it an ideal performance piano for schools, teachers, studios and venues, as well as a true ‘concert performance’ piano for the home performer or piano lover.

The list of extraordinary features in the Petrof P210 include:

  • Tuneable duplex scaling
  • Diaphragm select Solid spruce soundboard
  • Makassar ebony inner rim + treble bridge
  • Lockable castors + lid
  • Magnificent European concert bench
Petrof P210
Petrof P237

P237 Master Series 'Monsoon'

The Petrof P237 is a true high performance piano, designed for the stage, for schools, prestigious performance venues, hotels, and anyone desiring a true concert experience.

Size: 237cm (7’8″)

Depth & richness of tone, ultra-responsive action and sheer expressive beauty will inspire any performer. 

P284 Concert Model 'Mistral' 284cm (9'4")

This is the flagship of the Petrof range, and is loved by the highest standard of performers, and enthusiasts around the world. This Petrof will be the finishing touch to any venue looking to offer a world-class concert grand for their performers. This represents possibly the only opportunity to ever purchase this level of piano for under $100,000, and will not be repeated.

Petrof P284

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