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We offer the WilheLm, Classic, and even Konzert series of Schimmel Pianos

Germany's No. 1 selling and awarded German piano maker - Schimmel Pianos

Brand new pianos and pristine condition second-hand options available

Schimmel pianos is Germany’s No. 1 selling and awarded German piano maker. They feature 100% certified, made in Germany ranges of the Classic and Konzert models.

For their soundboards, they use 300-year old mountain spruce, grown in a very specific climate and circumstance. This is held in a privately owned pocket of land in the Bavarian Forest.

Deep and rich tonal colours are enhanced by specially reared Merino sheep hammers. These are pricked by hand. Tens of thousands of times. Over and over again. Just to create world-class hammers for you to enjoy.

The Schimmel difference:

✓ Rich tone. Specially cultivated mountain spruce and Merino sheep is used to create industry-leading soundboards and hammers.

✓ Better touch. Uses a unique Trilogy system that maximises your body’s natural leverage. This enhances the accuracy and control you have over the keys. This precision and suppleness makes it possible to play the softest pianissimo to the loudest fortissimo. Even the fastest repetition, previously reserved for grand pianos, is now possible.

✓ Ebony keys. The keys are made of mineral and ebony wood which makes them softer and less slippery than modern keys. The integrated keybed also allows the pianist to feel subtle vibrations through touch, emphasizing the cohesiveness between the pianist and his instrument. 

✓ Classic. Elegant. Schimmel produces its own piano-cabinet components and keyboards using a combination of both handcraftsmanship and computer-aided machinery to create elegant cabinetry designs. This is a masterfully crafted work of art.   

✓ Durability & finish. It takes precisely 13-steps to perfect the varnish of a piano. After slowly drying the wood to retain its moisture, solid mountain spruce backposts are then fitted to strengthen the tone. Next, a cast-iron frame is used and allows for 21 tonnes of tension weight.

✓ Holds value. Although a Schimmel piano will truly last a lifetime, the real value is in owning a piano that has what others lack — true soul. This is not a piano with just a German name or German parts. Every centimetre, both inside and out, is 100% German-made. And if you decide to sell it many years down the track, you can rest assured that it’ll hold its value far better than other pianos out there.

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We offer the WilheLm, Classic, and even Konzert series

Germany's No. 1 selling and awarded German piano maker

Brand new pianos and pristine condition second-hand options available

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Popular Schimmel Pianos

Schimmel models are generally organized into three major categories:
Schimmel Konzert (K) Series, Schimmel Classic (C) Series, and the Wilhelm Schimmel Series.

Schimmel W118

Wilhelm Series

Schimmel proudly introduces their ‘Wilhelm’ series of pianos to the Australian market.

Built with craftsmanship and pride you would expect from Germany’s most-awarded piano maker, these fully European-made pianos have redefined quality expectations amongst serious pianists.

Classic Series

You’ll find these in world-leading venues. Where professional pianists play and thousands of listeners adore.

These are handcrafted, 100% German-made, and much more affordable than you may have thought.

Yamaha Piano C108
Schimmel W118

Konzert Series

One of the finest German instruments in the market today. 

This premium model is the Schimmel’s flagship piano.

These use more advanced and innovative design features, offered in both upright and grand pianos.

These models incorporate triplex scaling that improves the harmonic richness of tones.   

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