Second Hand Pianos

second hand pianos

Wide range of second hand pianos in Brisbane

Save money by purchasing a pristine condition pre-loved piano

⅔ buy back guarantee if you decide to resell your Japanese piano within 5-years

Want to save money but still get a high-quality piano that’ll impress your friends and family? Considering second hand pianos can be helpful.

New can be overrated, especially if you buy a low-quality brand just because it is new. Plus, with the preparation done by our expert tuners and technicians, you can rest easy knowing you’re getting a beautiful piano that will last you for plenty of years to come.

However, we understand that there will always be a negative undertone when something is labelled as “second-hand” or “used”. You automatically create a picture in your mind that the item is inferior or substandard and that it will never live up to the calibre of a brand new one…

And that is why here at Morris Brothers Pianos, we NEVER offer “second-hand” or “used” pianos.

We only source out pianos that are privately-owned and that have been verified by our expert tuners and technicians to be in the best possible condition. Priority is given to pianos with “like-new” cabinets, clean actions and confirmed to have had regular tuning.

We pride ourselves in ensuring our customers that each piano showcased in our showroom has been inspected and selected to be the perfect piano for your utmost peace of mind.

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Meet our pre-loved second hand pianos.

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What To Expect From Our Second Hand Pianos


Each and every piano we have in our showroom has been optimized to perform at its best possible condition. Not even professional musicians will know the difference between your pre-loved piano vs a brand new one, from the touch of the keys to the richness and fullness of tone.


We are committed to providing you with the highest quality used pianos at the best possible price. Since we only select pianos that have been well taken care of, maintenance costs will be at a minimum so you can enjoy your investment for a lifetime.


We only offer pianos that have been properly maintained with the construction solidly preserved to ensure that it will last you for years to come. We have specific indicators that we look for to make sure that each piano we offer is at its best and pristine condition.

High Resale

We are so confident in the quality and condition of our second hand pianos, that if for whatever reason you decide to let go of a piano bought from us, we’ll pay ⅔ of the price you paid to have it back within 5 years (Japanese pianos only). We are the ONLY piano store to offer this option. This is a testament to the conviction we have on our pianos.

At Morris Brothers, we’re not salesmen. We’re music teachers, tuners, repairers, and musicians.

We’re genuine people that love music and are deeply rooted in the community. Our team play instruments from the piano, keyboard, guitar, bass, flute, saxophone, clarinet, trumpet, ukelele, and harmonica! 

So you get advice not only from genuinely experienced people but also from people that genuinely love to play music.

Plus, we have even been awarded The Best Special Retailer in the Business Achiever Awards, voted – not by judges – but by our wonderful and supportive customers!

So, if you need any help or want to check out our pianos in-store, we welcome you to visit us and see for yourself the wide range of pre-loved pianos we have to offer.

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