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japan-made yamaha pianos. Second hand Yamaha available.

Pristine condition second-hand options available.

Want one of the most well-known piano brands in the world, but on a budget? At Morris Brothers Pianos, we handpick the best pre-loved Yamaha pianos around to deliver you an outstanding balance between performance and significant cost savings.

Yamaha Corporation, based in Japan, has been in the business of making world-class pianos since 1887. This is when Torakusu Yamaha first began manufacturing pianos under the trading name Nippon Gakki Company, Ltd. With his overflowing passion for music, Torakusu Yamaha made sure that all of his products are manufactured with the highest quality in mind. 

To this day, Japan-made Yamaha pianos are considered to be one of the best pianos in the world. They are known to produce distinct, well rounded but bright tones that distinguish itself from the rest.

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Popular Yamaha Pianos

You can’t go wrong with a Japan-made Yamaha. Whether this is for yourself, a friend, or a family member — we have a pre-loved Yamaha piano for you.

Yamaha U3H U3M U3A - Music Store Brisbane

Want to check if we have a pre-loved Yamaha U1 or U3 in stock?

U1 and U3

The main difference between the Yamaha Model U1 and Model U3 Upright Acoustic Piano is their size. The Model U3 is the larger of the two at 52” high. The U1, on the other hand, is 48”.

This difference in height affects the tonal properties of both pianos, but which is better really depends on the person playing them.

They’re both built with the same quality standards, use the same materials and components, and are even made by the same manufacturing team in their Japan factory.

Both are trusted by educational establishments as they are built to withstand years of heavy playing.


Morris Brothers Brisbane specialise in locating premium, fully Japanese-made Yamaha pianos. Our tuners and teachers inspect local Brisbane pianos, plus we source both locally and interstate through our network of piano teachers, tuners and agents.

Only privately owned pianos, cared for by their owners are considered for selection, with priority given to pianos with like-new cabinets, clean actions and with regular tuning.

Pianos such as the Yamaha U3, UX3, YUX, Yamaha U1 and YUS, Yamaha C108 and P116 are preferred, as they are the finest models of piano made by Yamaha.

Yamaha Piano C108

Want to check if we have a pre-loved Yamaha C108 in stock?

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Premium Yamaha pianos

Here at Morris Brothers Pianos, we only source fully Japanese-made pre-loved Yamaha pianos that have been well taken care of. These pre-loved Yamaha pianos are sourced from private owners both locally and interstate. Our staff meticulously inspect these and make sure they are in pristine condition before it is showcased at our shop.

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