Petrof P237 Master Series ‘Monsoon’



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The Petrof P237 is a true high performance piano, designed for the stage, for schools, prestigious performance venues, hotels, and anyone desiring a true concert experience. Size: 237cm (7’8″)

Depth & Richness of tone, ultra-responsive action and sheer expressive beauty will inspire any performer.



Petrof, the no. 1 selling European-made piano in the world, was established by Antonin Petrof in 1864.  Antonin learnt his trade in Vienna, and established their factory to produce pianos and harmonicas.After winning many awards for their quality, the company is now a 6th generation, family-owned business.  Our Petrof grands have been meticulously prepared by a Steinway & Sons-trained and accredited tuner/technician, and come with a 5 year warranty.